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Fertilization, Pest Control, Aeration, Seeding, and more.


Fertilizing, Seeding, Aeration and more


Tree & Shrub insect control & fertilization


Flee & Tick, Grub and Misquoto control


Your Yard


When it comes to lawn care, having a personal level of service is what sets a great company apart from the rest. Greenstuff Lawncare is a top notch lawn fertilization company located in West Springfield, MA. We are a lawn service that tailors the treatments to meet the needs of their loyal customers. Aside from fertilization, we also provide pest control, aeration, and seeding.

Greenstuff Lawncare offers two popular services. The first is a 7-step fertilization program. This includes five fertilization treatments, a pre-emergent crabgrass control and grub control treatment, and a lime treatment in the fall. The second program is for tree and shrub care. This 5-step program involves oil in the spring, three insect and disease treatments throughout the spring and summer, fall fertilization, and winter protection applied in the late fall.

We also specialize in a flea and tick control. While it doesn't include an indoor inspection or spraying, it helps to protect your family and pets by controlling these pests in your yard. All of the sprays and products are 100 percent safe, especially when done by our trained and certified staff.

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What Our Customers Say

Greenstuff Lawncare has been working on our yard for the past two years. Since the tornado, our lawn was not recovering well from all the debris and sand. Now, we have a gorgeous green lawn that only requires us to water and cut it! No other treatment is needed from us which leaves time to spend with the fam and enjoy the yard!

- Shalimar C.

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